Can Catfish live with Guppies?


It is generally not recommended to keep catfish and guppies together in the same tank. This is because catfish are known to be opportunistic feeders and may view guppies as potential prey. Additionally, catfish tend to be more active at night while guppies are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day. This difference in activity patterns can cause stress for both species.

Furthermore, catfish and guppies have different water requirements. Guppies prefer warmer water temperatures while catfish prefer cooler water. They also have different pH and hardness requirements. Therefore, it can be challenging to maintain suitable water conditions for both species in the same tank.

If you do decide to keep catfish and guppies together, it is important to choose the right species of catfish. Some catfish, such as Corydoras, can coexist peacefully with guppies. These catfish are smaller and have a peaceful temperament. They also have a similar diet to guppies, which reduces the risk of predation.

In summary, while it is possible to keep catfish and guppies together, it is generally not recommended due to the potential for predation and differences in water requirements. If you do decide to keep them together, it is important to choose the right species of catfish and to closely monitor their behavior and water conditions to ensure their health and well-being.

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