Can Guppies live in cold water with Goldfish?


Guppies and goldfish are two popular types of freshwater fish that are often kept in home aquariums. However, they have different temperature requirements, which can make it difficult to keep them together in the same tank. Goldfish are cold-water fish that prefer temperatures between 60-75°F, while guppies are tropical fish that require temperatures between 72-82°F.

While it is possible to keep guppies and goldfish together in the same tank, it is not ideal. Goldfish are larger and more active than guppies, and they produce more waste, which can lead to poor water quality. In addition, goldfish are known to be aggressive feeders and may outcompete the smaller guppies for food.

If you do decide to keep guppies and goldfish together, it is important to take steps to ensure that both species are able to thrive. This may include providing a larger tank with plenty of hiding places for the guppies, as well as regular water changes and careful monitoring of water quality. It is also important to choose compatible species of each type of fish, as some goldfish varieties may be more aggressive than others.

In general, it is recommended to keep guppies and goldfish in separate tanks with appropriate temperature and water quality conditions. This will help to ensure that both species are able to live healthy and happy lives without the risk of stress, disease, or aggression.

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