Can Guppies live with Axolotls?


Guppies and axolotls are two very different aquatic species that have different needs and requirements. While it is possible for them to coexist in the same tank, it is not recommended to keep them together.

Axolotls are large aquatic salamanders that are carnivorous and have a tendency to eat smaller fish. Guppies, on the other hand, are small and peaceful fish that are often kept in community tanks with other small fish.

Axolotls are also sensitive to water conditions and require specific water parameters to thrive, while guppies are more adaptable and can tolerate a wider range of water conditions. This makes it difficult to maintain a suitable environment for both species in the same tank.

In addition, axolotls have a tendency to swallow small objects, which could include guppies. This can lead to choking or blockages in their digestive system, which can be fatal.

Overall, it is not recommended to keep guppies and axolotls together in the same tank. It is important to research the specific needs and requirements of each species before introducing them into a shared environment. If you do decide to keep them together, it is important to closely monitor their behavior and ensure that they are both thriving in their environment.

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