Can Guppies see at night?


Guppies, like most fish, do not have eyelids and therefore do not close their eyes to sleep. However, they do have a day and night cycle that affects their behavior and activity levels. During the day, guppies are more active and tend to swim around and explore their environment. At night, they become less active and tend to rest in one spot.

In terms of their vision, guppies have excellent eyesight and can see a wide range of colors. They have specialized cells in their eyes called cones that allow them to see colors, and they also have rods that help them see in low light conditions. This means that guppies can see in dimly lit environments, but their vision is not as sharp as during the day.

It is important to note that guppies are not nocturnal fish, meaning they are not adapted to living in complete darkness. They require some light to see and navigate their environment. In fact, too much darkness can be stressful for guppies and can even lead to health problems such as weakened immune systems and decreased appetite.

Overall, while guppies can see in low light conditions, they still require some level of light to maintain their health and well-being. It is important for aquarium owners to provide adequate lighting for their guppies, while also ensuring that they have a dark period at night to rest and recharge.

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