Can Kissing Gourami live with guppies?


Kissing Gourami and guppies are both popular freshwater fish that are often kept in home aquariums. While they can both thrive in similar water conditions and temperatures, it is generally not recommended to keep them together.

Kissing Gourami are known for their aggressive behavior towards other fish, especially when they feel threatened or territorial. They have been known to attack and even kill smaller fish, such as guppies. Additionally, Kissing Gourami can grow quite large, up to 12 inches in length, which means they may see guppies as potential prey.

On the other hand, guppies are small, peaceful fish that prefer to swim in schools. They are not aggressive and can easily become targets for larger fish like Kissing Gourami. Guppies are also known for their bright colors and long, flowing tails, which can attract the attention of more aggressive fish.

In general, it is best to keep Kissing Gourami with other larger, more aggressive fish that can hold their own in a tank. Guppies are better suited to live with other peaceful fish, such as tetras or mollies. It is important to research the specific needs and behaviors of each fish before adding them to a tank, to ensure they can coexist peacefully and thrive in their environment.

Overall, while it may be tempting to mix and match different fish species in an aquarium, it is important to consider their compatibility and potential for aggression. Keeping Kissing Gourami and guppies together is not recommended, as it can lead to stress, injury, and even death for the smaller fish.

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