Can Pea Puffers live with Guppies?


It is not recommended to keep Pea Puffers with Guppies in the same aquarium. Pea Puffers are known to be aggressive and territorial fish, especially towards smaller fish like Guppies. They are also known to nip at the fins of other fish, which could cause stress and potential health problems for the Guppies. Additionally, Pea Puffers have a specific diet that consists of snails, crustaceans, and small insects, while Guppies are omnivores and require a different type of food.

If you still want to keep both species together, it is important to provide enough hiding places and territory for both fish. A larger tank with plenty of plants and decorations can help create separate areas for the fish to live in, reducing the chances of aggression and stress. However, even with a large tank and enough hiding places, there is still a risk of the Pea Puffers attacking and killing the Guppies.

In conclusion, while it is possible to keep Pea Puffers and Guppies together, it is not recommended due to the aggressive nature of the Pea Puffers and the different dietary requirements of the two species. If you still want to keep both fish in the same tank, it is important to provide enough hiding places and territory for both fish, but there is still a risk of aggression and stress. It is best to keep Pea Puffers with other fish that can tolerate their aggressive behavior and have similar dietary requirements.

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