Can Swordtails live with Guppies?


Yes, Swordtails and Guppies can live together in the same aquarium. Both of these fish species are peaceful and have similar water requirements, which makes them great tank mates. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when keeping Swordtails and Guppies together.

Firstly, Swordtails are slightly larger than Guppies, so it’s important to ensure that the aquarium is big enough to accommodate both species comfortably. A 20-gallon tank is recommended for a small community of Swordtails and Guppies.

Secondly, Swordtails can be more active than Guppies, so it’s important to provide plenty of hiding places and plants for the Guppies to retreat to if they feel overwhelmed. This will help to reduce stress levels in both species.

Thirdly, Swordtails are known to be avid plant eaters, so it’s important to choose hardy plants that can withstand their grazing. Alternatively, you can provide them with vegetable-based foods to satisfy their dietary needs.

Lastly, it’s important to monitor the water quality in the aquarium regularly. Both Swordtails and Guppies prefer a pH range of 7.0-8.0 and a temperature range of 72-82°F. Regular water changes and proper filtration are essential to maintain a healthy environment for both species.

In summary, Swordtails and Guppies can live together peacefully in the same aquarium as long as the tank is appropriately sized, there are plenty of hiding places for the Guppies, hardy plants are provided, and water quality is monitored regularly.

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