How much does a 75-gallon aquarium cost

How Much Does A 75-Gallon Aquarium Cost?

Depending on where you buy your aquarium and what brand it is, it could cost you anything between $200 up to over $1,000. Some aquariums will come in an inclusive deal with equipment like filters, food, cleaning supplies, and inside decorations included with that price. Is a 75-gallon tank big? When compared to a small … Read more

How Deep Should The Filter Be In A Fish Tank

How Deep Should The Filter Be In A Fish Tank?

If you’re using an internal, air powered, or under-gravel filter, then you want it to be at least completely submerged, with all of the filter being visibly positioned entirely under the surface of the water and none of it above the water line. The depth it is positioned at doesn’t really matter, so long as … Read more

Should The Aquarium Filter Always Be On

Should The Aquarium Filter Always Be On?

If you want to keep your fish healthy, then you 100% need to keep your aquarium filter on at all times, 24/7. So you should have it running at all times, and only turn it off when strictly necessary. Lights, air pumps, and some other items of the aquarium, although also important, can be turned … Read more

Do I Need Carbon in my Aquarium Filter

Do I Need Carbon in my Aquarium Filter?

Keeping an aquarium requires regular upkeep, especially if you want it to last a long time. These fish homes need a lot of care and maintenance to keep your fish happy and to prevent you from having to fork out more cash to buy another one. Once you begin looking into the different filtration options … Read more

What Do Bubblers Do in a Fish Tank

What Do Bubblers Do in a Fish Tank?

A bubbler is any device that is connected to an air pump through an air tube. The purpose of a bubbler is to create air bubbles inside your fish tank. While it may not seem like it, all creates need oxygen to survive, including fish, who get their oxygen from the water.  In any tank … Read more

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