Do Guppies hang out at the top of the tank?


Yes, it is common for guppies to hang out at the top of the tank. Guppies are known to be surface dwellers, meaning they prefer to swim near the surface of the water rather than at the bottom. This behavior is due to their need for oxygen, as they have a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe air directly from the surface of the water. In addition, guppies are also known to be active swimmers, and swimming near the top of the tank allows them to have more space to move around.

However, it is important to note that guppies should not be constantly hanging out at the top of the tank. If they are doing so for extended periods of time, it could be a sign of poor water quality or lack of oxygen in the tank. It is important to regularly check the water parameters and ensure that there is adequate oxygenation in the tank, such as through the use of a filter or air stone.

Overall, while it is normal for guppies to hang out at the top of the tank, it is important to monitor their behavior and ensure that they are not doing so due to poor tank conditions.

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