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Fish That Start with D -

In the world of aquariums, you will find lots of fun and interesting names of fish. In our list of fish that start with D, we have a Disco Fish (Chanda sp.), which in our minds should be round and be completely covered in mirror tiles… but it is actually just another name for an Indian Glassfish. It is still a little sparkly however, so that’s cool!

We’ve included common names and scientific names of each of the fish in our list, so you can sound super clever next time you talk about your pet Symphysodon aequifasciatus haraldi. If you can remember all of those Latin words…

Our Top 5 Fish Names Beginning with Letter D

The fourth letter of the alphabet actually has some really great fish with names beginning with D. Some of our favorites are below, so we hope you like finding out a little more about them.

Danio (Danio sp.)

Danios are small fish which like to shoal in a similar way to Tetras, which can make them a popular alternative. They should be kept in groups of at least 6 and they are pretty peaceful fish. Since they tend to dart around the tank a little, slower fish could get aggravated by this, so make sure to pick tank mates for these fish carefully.

Around 30 different species of Danio, many of which have some very interesting names. For example; Pearl Danio, Tiger Danio, Moustached Danio and Glowlight Danio are all quite quirky names.

Discus (Symphysodon discus)

The Discus fish is a type of Cichlid which is a very popular pet. Many aquarists opt to keep these disc-shaped fish due to their vast colour varieties and their relatively peaceful nature. Discus are relatively easy to breed (once they have found the right mate), but they will only do so if they are kept in a large enough tank. They will lay their eggs onto porous surfaces such as a plant pot or rock and protect them until they hatch. Some fry may become food, but if you remove the parents, the fry will also die, as they feed off their parents.

These gorgeous fish are a great choice if you want a colourful tank and big fish. Just make sure to choose tank mates wisely, as they can be sensitive to bacteria that some other fish produce.

Driftwood Catfish (Trachelyopterus lucenai)

These freshwater catfish have a very unique shape with a long spine dorsal spine, a vertical caudal fin and little chin whiskers. They are a relatively peaceful fish which should not be kept with aggressive species. They can grow up to 27cm, so need a fair amount of space in a tank and should be kept with slightly larger fish, just make sure none of those fish can fit in your catfish’s mouth.

When in the wild, these fish enjoy being amongst driftwood, rocks and slates, so if you want to keep a driftwood catfish in your aquarium, consider a nice cave or covered environment for these daytime hiders.

Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma cacatuoides)

The term Dwarf Cichlid can cover a few different types, but we’re looking at the Apistogramma genus here. Small in size (key their “dwarf” name), these cichlids are brightly coloured and inquisitive so they stand out well in any aquarium. They are a semi-aggressive fish, so choosing the right tank mates can be pretty important. Apistos tend to live on the bottom of a tank, so should be fine in a tank with other fish who live towards the top.

If you want a fish that looks at you while you talk to it (yes we all talk to our fish… if you say you don’t you’re lying), then this could be the perfect choice for your aquarium. Dwarf cichlids will spot you a mile off and make sure they’re waiting at the front of the tank to greet you as you look in.

Dwarf Gourami (Colisa lalia)

The Dwarf Gourami is usually found in ponds and swamps across Northern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, so they like heavily planted environments to keep them feeling at home amongst the vegetation.

These little sweeties only grow up around 3.5 inches, so they will always look cute. Keep them in pairs to stop them from getting lonely. Small shoaling fish make great tank mates for Dwarf Gouramis, so opt for small peaceful cyprinids or even tetras in a community tank.

List of fish names starting with D

There really are some great fish that start with D, so if you want to know more, or you’re intrigued to see all of the saltwater fish, then just keep reading! Can’t spot your pet fish? Comment below to let us know.

Freshwater fish starting with D:

  • Dace (Leuciscus leuciscus)
  • Daggertooth Pike Conger (Muraenesox cinereus)
  • Darter (Percina pantherina)
  • Dawn loach (Botia striata)
  • Dawn tetra (Aphyocharax paraguayensis)
  • Debauwi Cat (Pareutropius buffei)
  • Decorated synodontis (Synodontis decorus)
  • Deepwater hap (Placidochromis electra)
  • Delta Smelt (Hypomesus transpacificus)
  • Denison’s Flying Fox (Crossocheilus denisonii)
  • Denticle Herring (Denticeps clupeoides)
  • Desert Pupfish (Cyprinodon macularius)
  • Devario (Devario auropurpureus)
  • Dew Fish (Tandanus tandanus)
  • Diamond tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri)
  • Dickfeld’s Julie (Julidochromis dickfeldi)
  • Disco fish (Chanda sp.)
  • Discus (Blue) (Symphysodon aequifasciatus haraldi)
  • Discus (Green) (Symphysodon aequifasciatus aequifasciatus)
  • Dogtooth Cichlid (Cynotilapia afra)
  • Dogtooth Tetra (Cynodontidae)
  • Dojo Loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus)
  • Dolphin Catfish (Oxydoras niger)
  • Dorab Wolf-Herring (Chirocentrus dorab)
  • Dorado (Salminus hilarii)
  • Dorsey’s pimelodid (Pimelodella dorseyi)
  • Dotted-line barb (Barbus lineomaculatus)
  • Dovii (Parachromis dovii)
  • Dragon Fish (Gobioides broussonneti)
  • Dragon Goby (Gobioides broussonnetii)
  • Dusky Black-Striped Barb (Barbus eutaenia)
  • Dusky Corydoras (Corydoras septentrionalis)
  • Dusky Doradid (Anadoras grypus)
  • Dusky Grouper (Epinephelus marginatus)
  • Dusky Pimelodid (Pimelodus blochii)
  • Dusky Piranha (Pristobrycon calmoni)
  • Dwarf Corydoras (Corydoras hastatus)
  • Dwarf Croaking Gourami (Trichopsis pumilis)
  • Dwarf Distichodus (Distichodus decemmaculatus)
  • Dwarf Driftwood Catfish (Tatia creutzbergi)
  • Dwarf Giraffe Catfish (Anaspidoglanis macrostoma)
  • Dwarf Livebearer (Heterandria formosa)
  • Dwarf Loach (Botia nigrolineata)
  • Dwarf Ornate Bagrid (Pelteobagrus ornatus)
  • Dwarf Otocinclus (Otocinclus macrospilus)
  • Dwarf Pencilfish (Nannostomus marginatus)
  • Dwarf Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia maccullochi)
  • Dwarf Rasbora (Boraras maculatu)
  • Dwarf Snakehead (Channa gachua)

Saltwater fish starting with D:

  • Dab (Limanda limanda)
  • Damselfish (Stegastes variabilis)
  • Dartfish (Nemateleotris magnifica)
  • Dealfish (Desmodema polystictum)
  • Death Valley Pupfish (Cyprinodon salinus)
  • Deep Sea Eel (Serrivomer sector)
  • Deep Sea Smelt (Bathylagus euryops)
  • Deepwater Cardinalfish (Epigonus pandionis)
  • Deepwater Flathead (Bembradium roseum)
  • Deepwater Stingray (Plesiobatis daviesi)
  • Devil Ray (Mobula mobular)
  • Dhufish (Glaucosoma hebraicum)
  • Diver (Tewara cranwellae)
  • Dogfish (Squalus acanthias)
  • Dolly Varden Trout (Salvelinus malma)
  • Dolphin Fish (Coryphaena hippurus)
  • Dorado (Coryphaena hippurus)
  • Dory (Zeus faber)
  • Dottyback (Manonichthys splendens)
  • Dragonet (Synchiropus ocellatus)
  • Driftfish (Psenes pellucidus)
  • Drum (Micropogonias undulatus)
  • Duckbill (Bembrops gobioides)
  • Duckbill Eel (Venefica tentaculata)
  • Dusky Shark (Carcharhinus obscurus)

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