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Now, we have arrived at the letter N, which doesn’t have the most fish names, but there are some nifty breeds in this list. We have plenty of fish from the North and there’s a fish that looks a bit like a noodle, so keep reading if you don’t want to miss out.

Every fish has at least on common name, sometimes this can be very similar to their scientific name, but more often than not, they don’t look or sound anything alike. Scientific fish names are in Latin, which is known as a “dead” language, meaning these names are universal and do not change from country to country. This makes different species of fish much easier for scientists to identify.

Our Top 3 Fish Names Beginning with Letter N

If we could, we would have included Norman in our top 3 fish that start with N, but, that was just the name we gave him – he was a trusty Betta who gave us many years of joy.

Since we had to stick to using common fish names, we chose these 3 fab fish instead! We hope you love them as much as we do.

Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi)

If you’ve ever been to the pet store or fish store to browse their selection, then you will definitely have seen a Neon Tetra or two. These little fish are kept in larger groups as they like to shoal together, which can look really impressive when you see all of their bright shining colors.

Keep your Neon Tetras in a tank with plenty of plants and perhaps add some driftwood and roots on top of the substrate to mimic their usual habitat. Dried leaves would also be a great addition to the floor of your tank if you want to just keep Tetras – the leaves can become food for fry and as they decompose this can benefit the fish.

Nibble Fish (Garra rufa)

Nibble Fish by name, nibble fish by nature! The Garra rufa are used across the world commercially in spas or specialised shops to nibble the skin off people’s feet. This practice is a lot less popular now due to the health implications and the welfare of the fish being used. When in nature, these fish will scrape algae from rocks and even scrape the skin from other fish, so it’s something they quite enjoy doing, but we’re not so sure human feet are their preferred skin flavor…

Nichols’ Mouthbrooder (Pseudocrenilabrus nicholsi)

A mouthbrooder will hold their eggs and fry in their mouth during incubation, this is something quite a lot of fish do and it is probably one of the safest ways to keep baby fish safe from predators. Nichols’ Mouthbrooder is a type of cichlid and are best suited kept in same species tanks – usually with one male to every three females.

Keep Nichols’ Mouthbrooders in tanks with soft, sandy substrate and plenty of places for shelter or hiding – driftwood or rock caves are ideal. These fish can be fed a multitude of things, including flakes, bloodworms, micropellets and brine-shrimp.

List of fish names starting with N

If you don’t think our top three were quite “top” enough, check out our lists below. There are freshwater and saltwater fish for you to peruse and perhaps you’ll find one of your own favorites. Let us know in the comments if you can’t find your top fish that start with N – we really want our lists to be as complete as we possibly can.

Freshwater fish beginning with N:

  • Naked-Back Knifefish (Gymnotus sp.)
  • Nandus (Nandus nandus)
  • Nase (Chondrostoma nasus)
  • Needle Fin Eater (Belonophago tinanti)
  • Needlefish (Xenentodon cancila)
  • New World Rivuline (Aplocheilus lineatus)
  • New Zealand Smelt (Retropinna retropinna)
  • Nicaragua Cichlid (Hypsophrys nicaraguensis)
  • Nigerian Red Krib (Pelvicachromis taeniatus)
  • Nile Bichir (Polypterus bichir)
  • Nile Puffer (Tetraodon fahaka)
  • Njassae Synodontis Catfish (Synodontis njassae)
  • Nkata Cichlid (Copadichromis nkatae)
  • Nobol Distichodus (Distichodus noboli)
  • Noodlefish (Salanx chinensis)
  • Norbert’s Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma norberti)
  • North American Darter (Percina pantherina)
  • North American Freshwater Catfish (Ictalurus furcatus)
  • Northern Hog Sucker (Hypentelium nigricans)
  • Northern Pike (Esox lucius)
  • Northern Sawfish (Pristis microdon)
  • Northern Squawfish (Ptychocheilus oregonensis)
  • Northern Stargazer (Astroscopus guttatus)
  • Nurseryfish (Kurtus indicus)
  • Nyassa Blue Cichlid (Metriaclima zebra)
  • Nyerere’s Victoria Cichlid (Haplochromis nyererei)

Saltwater fish beginning with N:

  • North Pacific Daggertooth (Anotopterus nikparini)
  • Northern Anchovy (Engraulis mordax)
  • Northern Clingfish (Gobiesox maeandricus)
  • Northern Lampfish (Stenobrachius leucopsarus)
  • Northern Sea Robin (Prionotus carolinus)
  • Notothen (Dissostichus mawsoni)
  • Nurse Shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum)

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