Fish that Start with V


Fish that Start with V -

As we come towards the end of our fish A-Z series, fish varieties have started to dwindle slightly. There aren’t too many fish that start with V, but there sure are some interesting ones.

Each of the common names for the fish in our lists has a bracketed name beside it – this is the scientific name which is given as part of scientific nomenclature which helps to identify different breeds of fish. Read more about the different classifications in our Fish that Start with S post.

What has been your favorite letter so far? Which has had the most interesting selection of fish?

Our Top Fish Name Beginning with Letter V

We’ve only chosen one type of fish that starts with V for this post and we reckon they’re a pretty great little fish. If you keep Variegated Platies in your aquarium pop us a comment below and tell us if you’ve given them names. Perhaps even names beginning with V!?

Variegated Platy (Xiphophorus variatus)

The Variegated Platy is a friendly fish which can be kept easily in community tanks. They do like to be in groups and for each male kept, there should be around 3 females to stop too much harassment and stress from occurring. Their easy-going nature makes them vastly popular in the aquarium trade and they come in a variety of colors and even shapes when interbred with other platies. Sadly, heavily interbred platies will not be so hardy and may not survive as long.

Tanks should be heavily planted to provide privacy and hiding places for your Variegated Platy and if breeding does occur, planted areas make the perfect environment for new fry. Platies don’t eat their young as some other fish do, but it is still best practice to remove the mother to another tank to give birth and then put her back once her fry is born.

List of fish names starting with V

There aren’t all that many fish that start with V, but when a list involved vampires and vipers, it has to be interesting. Check out both freshwater and saltwater varieties of fish below and let us know if we’ve missed off your favorite.

Freshwater fish beginning with V:

  • Vampire Pleco (Leporacanthicus galaxias)
  • Variegated Shark (Labeo variegatus)
  • Velvet Catfish (Diplomystes nahuelbutaensis)
  • Vendace (Coregonus albula)
  • Venustus (Nimbochromis venusta)
  • Vimba (Vimba vimba)
  • Violet Goby (Gobioides broussoneti)
  • Viperfish (Chauliodus danae)

Saltwater fish beginning with V:

  • Vanjaram (Scomberomorus guttatus)
  • Velvet Belly Lanternshark (Etmopterus spinax)
  • Velvetfish (Cocotropus roseus)
  • Vermilion snapper (Rhomboplites aurorubens)

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