What does a Neon Tetra look like?


A neon tetra is a small freshwater fish that is known for its bright and vibrant colors. The body of the neon tetra is slender and elongated, with a slightly rounded belly. The fish typically grows to be around 1.5 inches in length, making it a popular choice for aquariums.

The neon tetra is known for its distinctive coloration, which includes a bright blue-green back, a bright red stripe that runs from the middle of the body to the tail, and a silver-white belly. The colors are so bright and intense that they almost seem to glow, which is where the fish gets its name.

In addition to its bright colors, the neon tetra also has a number of other distinctive features. It has a small mouth and a forked tail, and its fins are transparent and delicate. The fish is also known for its active and playful behavior, making it a popular choice for community aquariums.

Overall, the neon tetra is a beautiful and fascinating fish that is prized by aquarium enthusiasts around the world. Whether you are a seasoned fish owner or a beginner, this colorful and lively fish is sure to bring joy and excitement to your aquarium.

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