What fish get along with Platies?


Platies are a peaceful and easy to care for fish that can be kept with a variety of other fish species. When it comes to choosing tank mates for platies, it is important to consider their peaceful nature and their compatibility with other fish in terms of water parameters, size, and temperament.

One good option for tank mates for platies is other livebearers such as guppies, mollies, and swordtails. These fish have similar water requirements and are also peaceful and easy to care for. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns, which can add visual interest to your aquarium.

Tetras are another good option for platy tank mates. These small, colorful fish are also peaceful and can add a pop of color to your aquarium. Neon tetras, cardinal tetras, and ember tetras are all good choices.

Corydoras catfish are also compatible with platies. These bottom-dwelling fish are peaceful and can help keep the tank clean by eating leftover food and debris. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and can add an interesting element to your aquarium.

Other compatible fish for platies include rasboras, danios, and angelfish. It is important to research the specific species of fish you plan to keep with platies to ensure they have similar water requirements and are compatible in terms of size and temperament.

Overall, platies are a great addition to any community aquarium and can be kept with a variety of other peaceful fish species. It is important to choose tank mates carefully to ensure a harmonious and healthy environment for all of your fish.

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