Where do Neon Tetras come from?


Neon tetras are a popular species of freshwater fish that are often found in home aquariums. These small, brightly colored fish are native to the Amazon basin in South America, where they are found in the slow-moving streams and tributaries that make up the vast Amazon river system.

Specifically, neon tetras are found in the blackwater and clearwater streams of the upper Rio Negro, which is a major tributary of the Amazon River. This region is known for its dense rainforests and abundant aquatic life, which includes a wide variety of fish, plants, and other aquatic creatures.

In the wild, neon tetras are known for their distinctive bright blue and red coloring, which is used to attract mates and deter predators. They are a schooling fish, which means that they prefer to live in groups of at least six or more individuals. This helps to protect them from predators and allows them to find food more easily.

Neon tetras are a popular choice for home aquariums because of their small size, attractive coloring, and peaceful temperament. They are relatively easy to care for and can be kept in a wide range of tank sizes, from small desktop aquariums to larger community tanks.

Overall, neon tetras are a fascinating and beautiful species of fish that are native to the Amazon basin in South America. Whether you are a seasoned aquarium hobbyist or just starting out, these colorful little fish are sure to make a great addition to any home aquarium.

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