Which fish go well with Neon Tetras?


When it comes to choosing tank mates for neon tetras, it is important to consider their peaceful nature and small size. They are social fish that thrive in groups, so it is recommended to keep them with other peaceful fish that are around the same size.

One good option is small schooling fish such as cherry barbs, harlequin rasboras, and ember tetras. These fish have similar requirements for water conditions and are also peaceful, making them great companions for neon tetras.

Another option is to choose bottom-dwelling fish such as corydoras catfish or kuhli loaches. These fish are also peaceful and can help keep the tank clean by scavenging for food that falls to the bottom.

It is important to avoid aggressive or larger fish that may see neon tetras as prey or may bully them. Examples of fish to avoid include cichlids, bettas, and angelfish.

When introducing new fish to a tank with neon tetras, it is important to do so slowly and monitor their behavior closely. If any aggression or bullying is observed, it may be necessary to separate the fish to prevent injury or stress.

Overall, there are many fish that can coexist peacefully with neon tetras. By choosing compatible tank mates, you can create a beautiful and harmonious aquatic environment.

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