Will Platies and Mollies school together?


Platies and Mollies are both popular choices for community aquariums, and many people wonder if these two species will school together. The short answer is that while they may swim together, they do not form true schools.

Platies and Mollies are both livebearers, meaning that they give birth to live young rather than laying eggs. They are also both peaceful fish that do well in community aquariums with other non-aggressive species. However, they do have some differences in their behavior and preferences.

Platies are known for their active swimming and playful behavior. They are often seen darting around the tank and chasing each other. They are also social fish that do well in groups, and they will often swim together in loose schools. However, they are not known for their schooling behavior, and they do not have a strong instinct to stay together in tight formations.

Mollies, on the other hand, are more laid back and tend to swim at a slower pace. They are also social fish that do well in groups, but they do not form schools either. Instead, they tend to swim in loose groups and may occasionally swim together with other species.

So while Platies and Mollies may swim together and coexist peacefully in a community aquarium, they do not form true schools. If you are looking to create a true schooling effect in your tank, you may want to consider other species such as tetras or rasboras. However, if you simply want a lively and colorful community aquarium, Platies and Mollies can be a great choice.

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